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Amy's Story

I know how it feels to miss out on social events wanting to isolate myself because of my skin.

I know how it feels to be so insecure and continuously cover up with makeup which would make the situation so much worse.

I know how it feels to do such crazy things to myself with my daily/nightly skin routine, to try up-hold the reputation of always having "flawless skin" to my friends, family and even my partner.

They had NO IDEA how my skin actually looked.

Girls I want to let you in on a few experiences of mine.

I am very into my fitness, so exercising without makeup on was out of the question for me.

I would have people quite often say to me,

"Your skin is so lovely, how do you go to the gym workout and look so good after a session?"

I would just say “thank you”and act like I didn't have much makeup on,

​"It's pretty much all come off”. I literally can recall heaps of times saying this.

Deep down, that response made me feel like I was such a lie... which I was exactly that.

I hid behind layers of makeup to portray a "natural look"combined with layers of hairspray I would spray on my face to make it stay"put". Yes, I know, this is extremely bad for your skin, do not try it!

At home, I would make sure the bathroom door was locked, so my partner wouldn't come in and see me.

This was so I could quickly shower. I NEVER washed my face first in the shower, in case he was able to get in, and saw my face. I always made sure I had enough time to wash my face FAST, quickly dry myself, and rush to put makeup back on my face. I was too scared to show my partner my ‘REAL skin’. Sometimes I would even casually act surprised like, “oh sorry babe, the door was locked”.

CRAZY, I couldn’t even enjoy a freakin SHOWER!

I spent so much time covering the imperfections, I always thought ‘imagine if he sees me for how i really look?!

He would think I had something wrong with me, if one morning I just let him see my bare face for what it was.

(Trust me I was an expert at doing "the natural-look coverage".​ ...he had no idea).

Quite often after a shower, I would walk out of the bathroom and he would say, "you're so ​beautiful without makeup on"​...

(which made me sick inside and feeling guilty for not being honest​)

I would also make sure the bedroom lights were off at night, before hopping into bed. I would make sure I was the first to wake up, pretend to go to the toilet like I was ​'busting'​ to then lock the door, cover up the makeup that came off my face at night, to walk out and hear him say,

"You're so beautiful when you wake up".

Sometimes he wouldn’t even have to say it, he would just look at me like I was.

The effort to get ready, to go down to the shops, driving home from salon facials literally putting makeup on in the car, just in case someone I knew pulled up next to me driving.

(When really, I needed to let my sore skin breathe after it was treated).

These are only a few instances of the effort it took to uphold

“Fakely-flawless skin"​ (as I like to call it)

This is not a sob story. There are always worse situations out there than our own.

But feeling insecure is the SAME feeling, and it's soul-destroying.

It affects your whole life, being insecure about being “seen”, doesn't allow you to be who you really are.

You feel trapped. You compare yourself to what is online; you are sick of missing out on events because you don't enjoy what really should be a "fun process" - getting yourself ready, it just isn't fun at all...

(and you hate the look of the end 'outcome' anyway, you still notice the lumpy bumps under the layers of makeup).

This is me, telling you ladies... I know how you currently feel, and I want to HELP you.

Amylee wants to build a big girl community behind our brand!

This backstory is my reason WHY I have created Amylee Cosmetics.

To help fill your minds with POSITIVE, HELPFUL ‘social media groups’ and information that is useful to YOU, instead of the information you currently scroll through which makes you compare yourself.

Help you overcome having troubled skin and all the insecurities that come with it, by providing you with an AMAZING product that ACTUALLY works, is affordable to maintain, and a brand that is REAL and RELATABLE.

Why? You may ask.

Because not completely loving yourself and the skin you're in, behind all the masks, is absolutely EXHAUSTING.

Amylee is here to help you BE your natural self.

AL 💚